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Do you have a

Problem on your Business?


Profit Decreased

Business turnover decreased due to Covid-19? We have to think about how to keep getting customers

Hard to Produce

It's hard to find the right content ideas for your business. Then you have to post every day, isn't it troublesome?

missed chances

Consumen Changed

Consumer behavior changed from offline to online? how to reach buyers through online?​


Profit Decreased

Want to Recruit Designers, Content Creators, Photographers, and Admins but there is no Budget for Salaries and Equipment, not to mention having to teach.​


Don't Have Time

Busy taking care of business, so there is no time to create content or give a more attention to online business


Clueless in Digital

Want to market products on social media, but don't understand how to play social media and other digital platform

It's time for you to

Find a Solution

To make your business go to Digital, you can choose which service that you need to promote your company to Digital.

Web Design & Development

Social Media Marketing

Print & Graphic Design

Photo & Videography

Why do you have to choose Mixasian?

Why us?

Complete Team

We have a team with different skills, start from web developer, designer, photographer and marketer for support your business​


More Save money​

You don't need to develop your own team. You don't need to buy a high-spec computer, camera, lens, software, properties, and much more. So, you can save more if you use our services​

Highly Customizable

You can develop everything base on what's your needs to improve your business.

Follow the Trends

We works with passion that make us happy to follow the current trend to make a best production


Responsive Design

We can create a design base on your market and reponsive for your audience

Secure & Private

your data will not be shared to other customer for other customer needs.

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Since 2015, we already provide a digital service. Let’s become our partner to develop your business together